ZLib for Ada thick binding
Release 1.3

ZLib.Ada is a thick binding to the popular compression/decompression library ZLib. It is providing Ada style access to the ZLib C library.

Download latest stable version of ZLib.Ada.

Older versions

ZLib.Ada 1.2

ZLib.Ada 1.1

You should download and build ZLib library before build ZLib.Ada. ZLib is easy to build with GCC C compiler provided with GNAT Ada compiler. The test.adb program shows the main functionality of the library, and was tested under the latest GNAT public Ada compiler and Aonix ObjectAda for Windows 7.2.2.

Note that since version 1.2.1 ZLib library contains ZLib.Ada in the contrib/ada subdirectory. But you could obtain a bit newer version of ZLib.Ada from this page.

Author: Dmitriy Anisimkov.